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Friday, June 5, 2009

A Reality Check for Husbands

I enjoy listening to podcasts of sermons on my iPod. It helps pass the time as I exercise (not often enough) or wait for my daughter to finish her swim practice. More than just passing the time, I have found that listening to the preaching of the Word has had a huge impact on my behavior. Weird, huh? My feeling is that it is impossible to be inundated with the Word without putting it into practice. Further improving my power to do this is the Holy Spirit. He helps me to be a "doer of the the Word." Anyway... I digress.... Some of my favorite preachers to listen to are Ben Hardman (actually my wife's cousin) from a megachurch in Louisville, Andy Stanley, and Dr. James McDonald. I was listening to a sermon from Dr. McDonald's website "Walk in the Word" the other day where he preached from a familiar scripture that I haven't ever thought much about before. It was I Peter 3:1-7.
I would like to share with you the 3 main points that Dr. McDonald shared regarding this scripture, as they have been areas that I am allowing the Holy Spirit to work on me.
1. Spend time with your wife. The scripture says "live with your wife." The word "live" literally means to spend time with her. Dr. M suggests trying 15 min. per day, 1 evening per week, 1 day per month, and 1 weekend or more per year. This time commitment will show her that you value her.
2. Study your wife. "...in an understanding way" means that we men need to realize that our wives are very different from us. Duh! We need to take the time to observe them, and try to meet their needs in a way that they will appreciate.
3. Honor your wife. "Showing honor"... "Honor" in the Greek is a military term for how a general publicly commends his soldiers. We need to publicly recognize and praise our wives for their efforts in our lives and homes. We need to do this in front of our children, our wives' friends, our families. Proverbs says, "Don't withold good when it is due."
Dr. M concluded his message with the statement, "Do these three things consistently, and it will transform your marriage." I am giving it a shot. Guys out there: The challenge has been brought. Will you allow the Holy Spirit to work through you to make your marriage all that it shoulg be?

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  1. i'm a little disappointed i didn't make your list of favorite preachers...

    but, i agree with these thoughts, particularly that of studying your wife. i'm constantly surprised when counseling people that husbands have never taken the time to just figure their wives out...